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We are a Motivated team with big dreams.
We focus on doing what’s right for out clients, while making it fun and educational!


3D City Tours’ main goal from the beginning has been one thing, and one thing only: bring value to our customers. We understand that a lot of internet marketing nowadays in a bunch of hoopla. That’s why we’re excited to bring you a virtual tour for your small business!

Most business owners aren’t really sure what exactly a virtual tour is. Let us explain. A virtual tour is a 3D piece of content that allows people to “virtually” walk through your business. This way, potential customers can see your business inside and out. Whether you’re in retail, restaurants, venues, real estate or any other business niche with a physical location, this will be a great addition for you!

We’ve seen businesses grow their digital presence on Google just from these virtual tours alone! It’s important to note that it’s not exactly the virtual tour itself, but rather where we place these tours after we’re finished shooting. What makes our recipe so special is that we post your business’s virtual tour on your:

  • Google Street View
  • Google Maps
  • Google My Business
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Blog

That’s 6+ mediums in which your future customers can check out your business! As you can check out from our latest blog “How Much Do Virtual Tours Cost”, we discuss the head shaking numbers that these virtual tours generate. To give you an idea of how well these virtual tours perform, we took a few averages from our archive of over 250+ tours:

  • Over 7,000 impressions per tour
  • Over 5,500 website visitors per tour
  • Over 4,700 unique website visitors per tour

How can you argue with these stats?

That’s better than most Google and Facebook ad campaigns combined!

Like we said before, we’re looking to provide concrete value here, not a bunch of bells and whistles that won’t help your business. Virtual tours will be here to stay, and we’ll still be here providing excellent value for your business. Fill out a contact form or give us a call for more information on how to improve your business with a virtual tour!


If there’s one thing 3D City Tours brings to the table, it’s unmatched experience in the space of digital marketing. With over 25+ years of digital marketing experience between owners Sean and Mac, they make it easier to deliver helpful information to small businesses that need it.

It also helps that both Mac and Sean are Google Trusted Photographers!

Google…what? Google Trusted Photographers!

This means that not only do we have a premiere partnership with Google, but we get exclusive access to the best tips, tactics and secrets that involve virtual tours! This is why we’re considered by many as the leading virtual tour provider in Philadelphia. We have the experience and we’re not afraid to share it to other small businesses!

As you can see from one of our blogs “Virtual Tours for Small Businesses”,  we have multiple people on our team that are Google Trusted Photographers!  This helps us to make an impact on small businesses not only in Philadelphia, but all over the United States as well!

To date, we’ve shot virtual tours in over 20+ states and we won’t stop until we completely cover the whole United States! We know that this process is a gradual one, but this is a challenge our company is willing to take on. Our team is proud to have the experience that we do.

Our partnerships with GoogleMatterportFacebook and Report Garden make it possible to have the knowledge to help service all these fine small businesses.

Our founder, Mac Frederick, has actually worked at Google as well, so he’s built relationships with people there that continue to help our clients out to this day!

If you’re looking for a quality virtual tour experience for your small business, consider getting one from us. Not only will we educate you on the current market today and how to help grow your business, we work constantly to make sure you love the work we do.

We’d love to connect with you! Our office in Philadelphia is always open, and we always love seeing a new face. Shoot us an email or fill out a form for more info!


More than anything, our company has a tremendous amount of empathy for our business owners. Both of our owners, Sean and Mac, can attest to this too.


Simply because they’ve been through the scary unknowns of starting and growing a business. There are so many moving parts to figure out, and it can be almost impossible when you have to figure it out yourself. We understand the struggle that business owner’s face, that’s why we’re devoted to help teaching them more about the digital age that has become of our niche.

Many companies simply target you with ads that force their solutions on you, without knowing your problems! Here at 3D City Tours, we take a difference approach to find your custom solution. We use what many people call the “challenger method.”

If you’ve never heard of the challenger method, let us educate you!

This method basically helps get business owners better insight on their industry through challenging their current beliefs on trends and other aspects of digital marketing. Instead of being a “yes man”, we challenge your beliefs on why you do what you do to market your business. Don’t take it as heavy criticism, we’re just asking because we want to know. If you can’t give an answer to why you never post on social media, then that’s a problem. But a problem that we’re willing to fix nonetheless.

Once we figure out your trouble areas, then we prescribe our custom solution to you, on top of educating you why you might want to consider posting on social media. We’re not trying to make you feel bad, we simply want to help your business shine!

This empathetic approach seems to do very well with our clients. They understand that we’ve “been there”, and we’ll continue to be there for them. We want to educate, not hate. With this in mind, our clients trust us more and have a better working relationship…everyone is happy!

If you’re tired of getting fed the same ole’ garbage response to your marketing strategy, consider hopping on a call with us to talk about it. It doesn’t cost anything to call us, but it might cost your business if you don’t pick up the phone and ask for help.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, fill out a form or contact us above! We’ll see you soon, and we’re most certainly looking forward to helping your business grow!

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